IAFF Local 3832 Bylaws

Local #3832
Constitution & By-Laws
Revised 2/2019

Article I

Section 1. Local Number and Name
The number and name of this organization shall be local 3832, North Tucson Firefighters International Association of Fire Fighters.

Section 2. Definitions
References in this Constitution and By-Laws to “Local or Local Union” shall refer to the Local as set forth in section 1 above, and references to “Association” or “International” shall refer to the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Section 3. Compliance
This local union, its officers, representatives and member, shall recognize, observe, and be bound by the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the IAFF and the interpretations rendered by the General President, the resolutions, decisions and directives of the Executive Board or officers of the IAFF when made in conformity with the authority granted by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, and the resolutions adopted and policies established by the delegates at conventions. Article XII of the IAFF Constitution and By-Laws of the Association is recognized as providing the basic rules governing this local.

Article II

Section 1.
Jurisdiction shall be as follows: All full-time, paid employees engaged in firefighting, emergency medical or rescue service activities or related services.

Section 2.
The objectives of the local shall be: To further the interest of its members in all ways, consistent with honor and integrity, to encourage a higher degree of skill and efficiency, to service the community, ensure safety of personnel, and the cultivation of friendship and fellowship among its members.

Section 3.
The union shall be non-partisan and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles, nor for the promotion of candidacy of any person seeking publication or preferment.

Article III

Section 1. Active
Any person of good moral character who at the time of making application is engaged in service within the jurisdiction of this local, as given in Article II, will be eligible for active membership. Anyone eligible for membership in this local shall not be refused membership or, upon acceptance, be discriminated against because of race, color, sex, creed or national origin or by reason of disability.

Section 2. Non-Participatory Members
Personnel above the rank of Battalion Chief, or any active non-IAFF eligible employee may become non-participatory members. Non-participatory members pay “local” dues and may attend union meetings but cannot vote.

Section 3. Honorary
For meritorious service to this local or distinguished public service, persons may be elected honorary members by majority vote. Honorary members shall not pay initiation fees, dues or other charges and shall have no voice or vote in the local. Such membership can be revoked for cause.

Section 4. Retirees
A member in good standing who retires has the option of retired/active membership in the local. It shall be the policy of this local to pay any state or International per capita fees for retired/active members.

Section 5. Maintenance of Good Standing
Membership in good standing includes any person who has fulfilled the requirements for membership in this local and who has not voluntarily withdrawn, become ineligible for continued membership, or been suspended or expelled as provided in the International Association of Fire Fighters Constitution and By-Laws or the constitution of this local.

Section 6. Separation
This local may issue withdrawal cards only when those members who leave the fire service or EMS in good standing or who are precluded by law or local ordinance or contractually form maintaining union membership by virtue of their fire department position. A former member holding a valid withdrawal card will not be charged a reinstatement fee upon reentry into the organization. A member who is duly elected as an officer of the IAFF, or elected or appointed as a representative of or to an affiliated labor organization, shall retain his/her active membership in this local.

Section 7. Delinquent Members
Members who fail to pay the monthly dues or assessments by the fifteenth (15) day following the month such dues are payable shall be notified by the local officer whose duty it is that they are delinquent and will be automatically suspended and lose their good standing if payment is not made within sixty (60) days following such notification.
Delinquent and suspended members are not entitled to voice or vote in the local or in the affairs of the IAFF.

Article IV

Section 1. Time and Place
Regular meetings of this Local shall be held at intervals of no less than quarterly with the time, place, and agenda announced to members at least 14 days in advance.

Section 2. Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by a majority of the Executive Board. All members in good standing shall be notified of such special meetings at least seven days prior to the same. The notice shall state the business to be considered at the meeting and no other business than that stated shall be in order at such meeting.

Section 3. Quorum
The quorum for any meeting of this local, either regular or special, shall be five (5) members in good standing.

Section 4. Rights of Members
Every member in good standing shall have the right to attend any meeting and to participate in such meeting in accordance to the recognized rules as set forth in the manual of parliamentary procedure adopted by this local. Members shall conduct themselves in such a manner as not to interfere with the legal or contractual obligations of the International or of this Local.

Section 5.
Each eligible voting member in good standing may vote once on each item brought before the Union.

Section 6.
Union members may cast votes in person or through an online, secure survey.

Section 7.
Special or emergency meetings may be called by the President at a time and date that best serves the members.

Section 8.
All union meetings shall take place at any location specified by the President and/or Secretary/Treasurer.

Section 9.
Any member displaying disruptive behavior at any Union meeting will be declared persona non grata at that meeting and subject to disciplinary action by the Union.

Section 10. Rules for Meetings
The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the meetings of this Local in all cases not in conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws, or the Constitution and By-Laws of the International, or the interpretations of these documents.

Article V
Officers and Elections

Section 1. Number and Titles
The officers of this Local shall consist of a President, Vice President-Operations, Vice President-Benefits/Negotiations, Vice President-Membership Services, Secretary/Treasurer, and three (3) Trustees, who shall hold office for two (2) years. They will remain in office until the election and installation of their successors unless removed from office as provided in the Constitution and By-Laws of the International or this Constitution and By-Laws. The office of Secretary/Treasurer shall be held by the same individual.

Section 2. Eligibility for Office
Any member in good standing shall be eligible to be a candidate for office in this local.

Section 3. Rights of Candidates
Every candidate for office shall have the right to request distribution of campaign literature, by mail or otherwise, to all members in good standing, at the candidates own personal expense. “A candidate for office” includes a candidate for membership on the Executive Board. There shall be no discrimination in favor of or against any candidate with regard to the use of membership lists.

Section 4. Use of Funds Prohibited in Elections
No funds received by this local through initiation fees, dues or assessments, or otherwise, shall be contributed or applied to promote the candidacy of any person in election of officers.

This section does not prevent the expenditure from Local funds for notices, factual statements of issues and other necessary expenses to conduct elections so long as they do not involve promotion of any candidate.

Section 5. Method of Nomination and Election
All members in good standing shall be given at least fifteen (15) days advance notice, in writing, of the date, time, and place at which nominations shall be held. Any member in good standing may nominate eligible members for office. Election shall be by secret or secure online ballot, with voting secrecy being upheld. Write in voting shall not be permitted. If there is only one candidate for a given office, such candidate shall be declared elected. There shall be no voting by proxy in the election of Local officers. The candidate receiving a majority of the ballots cast shall be declared elected. If no candidate receives a majority of the ballots cast, there shall be a run-off election between the two candidates who tied.

Section 6. Elections Committee
The President shall appoint an elections committee, made up of a minimum of three (3) people, which shall be responsible for distributing and tabulating the ballots. Each candidate for office shall be entitled to appoint one observer who shall be permitted to witness the manner of distribution and casting of ballots and attend the meeting of the elections committee at which the votes are tabulated.

Section 7. Ballots Preserved
The ballots and all other records of an election shall be preserved by the Secretary/ Treasurer for one year following such election.

Section 8. Vacancies in Office
When an office becomes vacant by reason of death, resignation, or removal of the incumbent, the Executive Board shall elect a successor by majority vote, no later than thirty (30) days from the date the office was vacated. If a vacancy hasn’t been filled within thirty (30) days, the Executive Board will open the position up for nomination and hold a special election to fill the remaining term of the vacant position.

Article VI
Duties of Officers

Section 1. Local President
It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meeting of the Local and at the meetings of the Executive Board. He shall be the executive head of the Local. He shall be a member of all committees or appoint a person to represent labor on all committees. He may appoint a representative or himself to such committees as are provided for in this Constitution and By-laws and such special committees as may be authorized by the Local. Together with the Treasurer, he shall sign all orders and checks lawfully and properly drawn. He shall enforce strict observance of the Constitution and By-laws of the International as this document related to the Local, and the Constitution and By-Laws of the Local. He shall have general supervision of the activities of the other officers and chairmen of committees.

The President shall discharge on behalf of the Local such duties as may be imposed upon him by applicable lay including the execution and filing of any reports to Federal or State authorities, and he shall cause to be maintained by the Local such records as the law requires to be kept in support of reports filed by it.

The President, by virtue of his election, shall be a delegate of this Local to the Convention of the International.

Section 2. Local Vice Presidents (3)
The Vice Presidents shall assist the President in such a manner as the President may determine. In the absence of the President, the Vice president with the longest tenure, shall preside at meetings of the Local and of the Executive Board. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President with the longest tenure shall be acting President until the office of President is filled by election of the Executive Board.

Section 3. Local Secretary/ Treasurer
The Secretary/Treasurer shall have custody of all documents, records, books, and papers, belonging to the Local, except as may be otherwise provided by this Constitution and By-Laws. He shall keep an accurate record of the meetings of the Local, and of the Executive Board, of which he shall be the Secretary. He shall attest all official documents with his signature and the seal of the Local. He shall conduct the correspondence of the Local promptly. He shall maintain the official list of members in good standing, which shall be kept accurately and on a current basis.
The Secretary/ Treasurer shall discharge on behalf of the Local such duties as may be imposed upon him by applicable lay including the execution an filing of any reports to Federal or State authorities, and he shall cause to be maintained by the Local such records as the law requires to be kept in support of reports filed by it. The Secretary/ Treasurer shall receive all money due the Local, from whatever source, and shall disburse the same only by voucher signed by the President in conformity with a vote of the Local. Such disbursement shall be by check which may also be signed by the President. He shall maintain and keep current a record of members with their dues payments, assessments and all financial transactions promptly and accurately entered. He shall be prepared to exhibit receipts and vouchers upon the audit of his books. He shall forward the annual audit of the Local to the International Secretary-Treasurer, over the seal of the Local.

Section 4. Local Executive Board
The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-Presidents (3), Secretary/Treasurer, and Trustees (3) who are elected. It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to exercise general supervision and control of the invested funds and property of the Local. It shall have the authority to act in the name of the Local during intervals between meetings, such acts being subject to confirmation by the membership at the next regular meeting of the Local. It shall provide for an annual audit of the Secretary/Treasurer’s books. It shall meet at the call of the President or on call signed by the majority of its members. A majority of committee members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5. Bonding
All officers and employees of the Local who handle funds or property of the Local shall be bonded in such amounts as may be required by the Board of Trustees and the International Secretary-Treasurer, in compliance with applicable law. The expense of the $5,000 of Bond shall be borne by the International. If additional Bond is necessary, the Local shall pay the additional premium.

Article VII
Delegates and Alternates to International Conventions

Section 1. Delegates
If, in accordance with Article IV, Section II of the International Constitution and By Laws, this Local is entitled to delegates in addition to the President, they shall be elected by secret ballot of the members in good standing.

Section 2. Alternates
Alternates to convention shall be elected by secret ballot of the members in good standing. The credentials of delegates and alternates must certify to this method of election.

Article VIII
Initiation Fees, Dues, and Assessments

Section 1. Initiation Fees
Initiation fees shall be paid in the amount of $25.

Section 2. Dues
Dues shall be 2.01% of a starting Firefighters salary and will be paid each paycheck. Each active member shall be required to participate in payroll deduction, with all monies collected then forwarded to the Treasurer/Secretary.

Section 3. Assessments
Assessments may be made only in the following manner: Each member in good standing shall be notified in writing at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date on which the vote for an assessment is to occur. The proposed assessment shall become effective upon a majority vote of the members in good standing, by secret ballot at a regular or special meeting.

Section 4. Reinstatement Fees
Reinstatement fees shall be $100, plus all back dues and assessments. Fees can be waived only by the President.

Article IX
Misconduct, Trials, and Appeals

Section 1. Misconduct and Trials
Any member charged with misconduct as defined in Article XV of the International
Constitution and By-Laws shall be served with written specific charges as required in Article XVI of the Association Constitution and be given a reasonable time to prepare his defense and afforded a hearing as provided in Article XVII of the Association Constitution.

Section 2. Appeals
Appeals may be made in accordance with Article XVIII of the International Constitution and By-Laws, such appeal must be filed with the President of the Association with thirty (30) days of the action to be appealed.

Article X

Section 1. Audits
The books and accounts of this Local shall be audited annually by the Trustees, and the report of the audit shall be forwarded to the International General Secretary/Treasurer over the seal of the Local within ninety (90) days of the close of the fiscal year. This report shall also be published for the information of the Local members.

Article XI
Section 1. Proposed Amendments
An amendment to this Constitution and By-Laws shall be presented in writing and read at any regular meeting. Discussion on the proposed amendment may be held at that time, and the form of the By-Law amendment shall, by consensus, be agreed upon with the permission of the presenter. The presenter of the proposed amendment shall be allowed the opportunity to withdraw the proposed amendment should discussion prove it unnecessary or unwarranted. The adoption of the amendments shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority.