We share with you the story behind our new mascot and logo


While rebranding this site, the perfect opportunity presented itself to come up with a Union mascot and logo that closely aligns with the values we hold and the communities we serve.

We chose the Ram (Ovis canadensis), as our Union Mascot for many reasons.

In some cultures, the Ram is seen as a sign of maintaining balance in dangerous situations, confidence in ones abilities, new beginnings, abundance, and assurance in new areas along with various other descriptions of overall strength.

These are all qualities that we, as North Tucson Firefighters, strive for and embody on a day-to-day basis.

As we serve our communities in the shadows of the Catalina Mountains in Southern Arizona, we are continuously reminded of the once predominant presence of the Ram in centuries past. It continues to be a strong symbol throughout the communities of Oro Valley, Catalina, and Saddlebrooke.

We now move forward with the new representation and look forward to continuing to provide the strongest service and support we can while upholding the values set forth herein.